Corporate Social Responsibility


Business: Our efforts to propel the company's growth has been only possible because of our professionalism and ethical norms. We cultivate good business principles and visualize collective growth as a company.
Society: We believe that you are a product of your society. We try our best to improve our society through various means and promotions. We actively participate in helping the community grow and resolve any social issues.
Environment: Our strong environmental policy helps us direct our efforts towards constructing a safer environment. We have executed strategies to curb environmental pollution and incorporate sustainable solutions in our business.


Mankind and nature are not only inter-related but are also inter-dependent. Uniworld Logistics seeks to leave a positive footprint on the environment. We strive to sustain and inspire an effective environmental legacy for Uniworld and for future generations. We commit ourselves to continuous environmental research, incorporate and update our products and processes and as well as spread awareness and educate our employees. We are committed to employ and follow all the stringent laws and norms and do not at all encourage to maintain a status-quo on any environmental issues.


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